There is Never Enough Time Unless you make it SO

It's around 10:30pm MST time on Saturday night. Most people are out (I imagine) enjoying Saturday night and all it's glory while others may be at home lost in dispair over the current state of affairs that the world at large is going through. I am working away on my podcast. Blogging. Editing. Listening. Plugging. I will get up around 4am to do more work...and do Sunday 'type things' like dye my hair and interview a new guest and tidy up my house and groom my dog and read the news of the day and pay that bill and do that and this and make dinner at home with my husband and and and..... there is never ever enough time unless you make it SO. That's what everyone says but it is so true. Sleep is for the dead...but don't forget that it's good for you too when you can give into it and pick and choose your battles when you work hard finding time for your dreams. I may be tired most of the time but I am happy. It's true. Don't let time become your enemy, make time nothing and everything all at once and watch what happens as your wildest dreams ignite into reality ***