In Colorado the sun is always out. Always. No matter how warm or cold is gets, the sun is ever present. Even if it's hiding behind a ton of's there. I have lived in Colorado for some time. I moved to Colorado when I was 15 years old from Boise, Idaho were I spent the first part of my life. The sun today is making me nostalgic for my youth and for the innocent days of rivers and lakes and streams in the rural forgotten spaces of Idaho. Many of these places I long for were somewhat untouched by man, or so it felt to me in my childhood. In some strange and enchanting way my nostalgia inspires me to write today to podcast today to adventure into nature today to manifest something beyond myself today to continue to work hard to make my podcast even better today...ah yes. The power of nostalgia.

Feature Horror Film Director Jimmy Weber is on the show today and when we met recently he too, like todays Colorado sun, has made me reminisce and linger of days long past. Days when my life revolved around so many other things than that of connection through conversation and passions. Such a good Dude that Jimmy.

My advice? To myself? To you? Stay connected to your past, to your nostalgia, as much as you should learn from it and let it all go. Let the present moment consume, challenge and enlighten you and watch your future bewilder you in the most humble and surprising of ways. 

Flowery? Yes. True? Absolutely.