Mr. Sandman, Bring Me a Dream *

Midnight. On the nose. 

I love working on all things creative by moonlight. I've always been a night owl..AND a morning person...a blessing and a curse that goes back and forth daily (nightly?).  It feels so good to be working on podcasting 'what have you's' late late on a Friday evening. With rain and snow slightly drizzling outside. It's spring. But early April in Denver usually says otherwise and you feel very alive. 

I imagine that whenever you are doing whatever it is you love, you feel the exact same way, alive.

Don't ever forget the moments you find yourself dreaming inside of, that you fell and fall in love with because you were doing something that made your spirit shine so brightly you could burn through the night sky like an alien invader glowing through space on a mission with might...

Your passion is your destiny, no matter what time of the day, the night...when it calls, embrace it!

*** Ali ***