Breathers are Good, YES! They are though***

Work. Podcast. Travel. More Podcasting. Interview. Family. Husband. Friends. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. 

Go. Go. GO! Right? Right...? How do you define balance in your life? What does balance mean to you? I comprise a lot...too much... at times through lack of sleep and over working myself sometimes to what feels like the max. Thus, things become out of balance. I go back and forth between wanting to do it all and knowing deep inside that to do it all with integrity and the right 'energy' and to give it my best, that I must sleep. I must eat. I must make time for those I love. 

It's so easy anymore to get caught up in the present depressing state of the world. To become attached to your work emails on your iPhone and linger in vanity on instagram and snap chat and Facebook in the little free time you have outside of your brain going going going all the time. To slack on the process of your passion and begin to actually loose yourself to your own passion by striving for too much perfection. 

Remember to step away 'from it all' sometimes to keep everything in balance and kept sacred. Don't worry. Breaks are...a good thing for your brain, body and those you love. 

Does this all make sense? Okay. Im..going to do that sleep thing now***