Isolation Blows

Shit. Where does the time go anymore? 

After attending a wedding this weekend to those I rarely knew...I remembered how lovely it is to see two people truly in love tie the knot and be lovers in front of all those they love. SO refreshing. I else does one make time for all those they love these days if it's not a wedding, funeral, graduation, birthday party or some other 'I must be at this event to be a good person'...does this...make sense? not knowing hardly a soul at the wedding, felt overwhelmed with love and joy at the sheer happenings of meeting new people and conversing and talking it about it all with passion and happiness and all that goodness, the type of goodness people feel when they all are collectively embracing and enjoying two souls shared love with one another. 

Wouldn't we...all be better people, wouldn't you be a 'good person' if you made more time for those you love and your friends and family even if it wasn' I'm supposed to be here type of thang? Put down your phone. Get the hell off snap chat and just go spend some time with grandma or your old friend from college who is in town or maybe listen to a cd (YES! a CD!) the whole way through, start to finish, with a friend and really dive into a meaningful conversation about the way music made you feel...I had a bizarre incident with a lyft driver in California recently that made me question my idea of human connection all over so many of my interviews often do...and yes, truth be told...we all must commit to learning how to spend more time with our fellow man and less time wasting our neurons texting away, wasting away on social media platforms that leave you DRY to the bone internally. 

Passion and drive is all about PRESENCE. Human presence to be honest, is what it's all about and don't over think my flowery blogs posts...I HEAR me? Right?

Now, go hang with someone you care about, the lawn and the dishes and all that bull shit...the computer, that thing at work, that stressful day you had...drop it and make time for others and your drive and motivation and all that delightfulness will return full throttle to reboot your creative and dreamy juices (gross..don't take it there!) 

Was my last post similar? Yes. Catch my drift - Isolation Blows!!

NOW more than ever is the time to connect more on that deep personal level. GO DO IT***

Happy Sunday lovelies ****