*The Eclipse*

Hello out there! The Eclipse is on the way and I'm feeling it's bright earthy rays man. But seriously, I AM. 

I disappeared from blog land for a while, sometimes thats okay...right? I think so. I think it's okay to turn it all off for a spell, I mean...I didn't entirely turn off from technology...social media still has it's teeth sunk deep into my head but I'm almost there with digging it out. Scouts honor! 

What about you? Do you make time for your loved ones, your goals, your dreams, the planet and your fellow man? Do you turn off and take mental breaks? Yet.. manage to stay present with the world at large, concerned? Well! Do you? I'm cracking the whip down. On myself anyways. I'm making time for it ALL and more - whatever that may mean - but I'm also not afraid of what that looks like. Chaotic? Yes. But worth it? Yes. 

What does your destiny look like to you? How do you see yourself manifesting your dreams, your life, your deepest hearts desires? Whatever it look likes and sounds like to you...self care isn't a joke. MAKE time for your health and make time for the dreams and make time for the planet and make time for your fellow man...MAKE TIME for there is no time like the present moment!!