When the going gets tough get going! going? Seriously? That easy...huh?

Sometimes it's so HARD to get going when it feels like it's just been one thing after another after another after...another ! From the world at large and all it's present insanity to the daily woes of my personal life as of late - I often find the magic motivation, that little voice in my heart that says 'Come on Ali, buck UP! DO IT!' to truly be difficult to find sometimes. 

Sometimes I'm about mantras. Sometimes Im about silence. Sometimes my ego ruins everything and sometimes really shitty things happen that are out of my control. Sometimes in certain phases in my life, life throws all of these things to me at once and I feel trapped...but then...


I pick myself up and get going. What else can you do when the going gets tough really? Wallow in self pity and despair? No. Because somewhere deep inside yourself you must remember that you have the power to rise above your fear, failures, foolish pride and mistakes, heart ache and and and...blah blah blah you catch my drift! Dont give up on yourself. Not now. Not ever. The world at large...she needs our help, so help her out however you can (yes I am getting preachy as hell right now! I'm a getting going!) and keep helping out your fellow man and be kind to everyone, not just your closest of the close and be present and take care of your health so that you can help others and so that you are fully able to follow all those dreams of yours and truly go deep and look past your own crap and do it all for the sake of humanity and your heartself...DO IT ALL. It can be yours, mine, the world's...if we just get the fuck going and rise above the insanity. Just keep going. You can do this. 

I can do this ; ) 

Okay...Anyone watch the Game of Thrones season finale this past Sunday? Holy CRAP! Now...

Get GOING ***