Time Traveler

Lately, it appears and feels that time is not on my side.

I recently read all about the notion that Edgar Allan Poe was possibly a time traveler a few days ago. After carefully considering all the facts (yes! Science! Real facts! Eureka!) I must admit I think he likely was a time traveler, but really aren’t we all time travelers?

I feel like I’ve been traveling through time since November 8th 2017 when many of us decided maybe it might be a good idea to travel back to the 1950s (it wasn’t a good idea, right?). I usually feel like I’m living in the 1800’s before modern medicine when I’m on the phone ghosted for a few hours to hear nothing but elevator music while I try to navigate our health care system for my husband who has been ill for sometime now. The jet lag I felt after spending time in the EU a few months ago took me to futuristic day dream lethargic avenues and states that could only exsist in in a time travelers universe....do any of you catch my drift? Do you feel like you’re a constant time traveler and not living in the present? Always jumping ahead to the future or falling into yourself in the past? 

I go back and forth.

Time travel wouldn’t really be so bad, not in the metaphorical sense as I have chosen to narrate with up to this point but REAL Edgar Allan Poe Donnie Darko type voodoo time travel...if only...I would fix all the horrible sound issues I have been facing lately with certain podcasting episodes I have released (yes! I am aware of this and I’m ON IT), I would sing more of my own material on the podcast as I would go back to a week ago and write that song instead of crashing out watching Netflix on my old smelly living room couch with coconut popcorn all over hands, mouth and stomach... : / and yes. If I really could travel through time I would live my days entirely for this podcast and everything else in life could wait because I would be traveling through time for Pete’s sakes! 

Blog conclusion? 


Use it and use it well, but remember you’re only human, and sleep and health override time and space sometimes..and sometimes they don’t. If you run into Edgar, will you ask him how he does it (the whole time travel thing) for me?