There is Never Enough Time Unless you make it SO

It's around 10:30pm MST time on Saturday night. Most people are out (I imagine) enjoying Saturday night and all it's glory while others may be at home lost in dispair over the current state of affairs that the world at large is going through. I am working away on my podcast. Blogging. Editing. Listening. Plugging. I will get up around 4am to do more work...and do Sunday 'type things' like dye my hair and interview a new guest and tidy up my house and groom my dog and read the news of the day and pay that bill and do that and this and make dinner at home with my husband and and and..... there is never ever enough time unless you make it SO. That's what everyone says but it is so true. Sleep is for the dead...but don't forget that it's good for you too when you can give into it and pick and choose your battles when you work hard finding time for your dreams. I may be tired most of the time but I am happy. It's true. Don't let time become your enemy, make time nothing and everything all at once and watch what happens as your wildest dreams ignite into reality ***

We all make mistakes on the Journey

Yes. We all fuck up sometimes. 

Pursuing my dream of being a podcaster has had plenty of ups and downs. Mostly ups...but an occasional mistake has been made. I recently butchered a guests name on my podcast and I felt pretty terrible afterwords. I had gotten so caught up in the lovely interview we had that I had lost sight of something very important; how to pronounce my guests name. There is a lot in a persons name, it's a part of your soul, your journey and who you are as much as the journey you lead itself...thus; we all fuck up sometimes and we MUST acknowledge, apologize and correct the issue or mistake at hand when we do so. I tend to be a defensive person, I tend to put blame on everything or everyone else but me at times...but I'm learning. I'm learning a lot. And one thing I am learning is to own IT. Own my mistakes. Own all of them. I hope you all do the same. Don't loose your integrity and your wits about you when you are following a dream or a passion you love with all your heart, don't...let things you care about, people, feelings...don't let those things fall between the cracks as you pursue your dream. Be kind and respectful. Okay? And now, back to enjoying some RUSH on dvd with my husband before another podcast interview I have scheduled for this afternoon. Breaks are good too. Taking Breaks = the key to your success. 

Lots of love - Ali 

Today is The Day


Wow. Today is the day. I am excited, I am nervous, I am nervous, I am...did I mention I was nervous? I hope you enjoy the very first episode of Right Now Not Later with my guest film and television actor Peter Shinkoda. He's quite a character and I was more than 'stoked' to have him has a guest! Keep following those dreams of yours and I will keep podcasting. Keep on fighting the good fight out there in the world, times are tough and questionable, keep doing what you love and don't times like these remember the golden rule...treat others the way you want to be treated. 

Enjoy! - Ali 

How is everyone doing?

It's been a pretty intense weekend for many...well...really an intense month for so is everyone doing out there in the world at large? Remember. Keep taking big deep breaths and keep connecting and communicating with your friends, families and loved ones. Don't let the world at large get you down! Be proactive, be vigilant, be present and keep at it, not just within your community, but within your mind and heart! Keep following those dreams of yours. What better time than right now? 'You have nothing to loose' is a huge understatement at this point, so keep your head up, your wits about you and GO FOR IT. 

lots of love - Ali 


Patience is a Virtue

Nothing beats getting really sick about a week before you were hoping to launch your podcast...especially a few days after a beastly orange cheeto is sworn into office to run the great country you live in. But HEY! At least you are forced by bed rest to work on your website and start getting more things moving in the right direction for your podcast, so it's not all bad. That being said, I truly hope to connect to all of you folks from all different places going through all different journeys in life via this podcast in a way that personally speaks to your pressure on your end or anything...

signing off for now - your host - Ali Francis (ps isn't the clown photo of me so much fun?)