I just knew I was going to be a famous film and stage actress when I six years old as I watched my older brother perform in a play at his high school. I just knew I would be a famous singer the first time I sang to my brand new barbie that I received as a birthday gift at 4 years old. I just KNEW these things and spent every waking minute acting on stage and in film and singing until I hit my late twenties...

Completely burned out, stressed out, broke, lost and disheartened and disenchanted by the pursuit of following dreams I had always envisioned would be my destiny due to circumstances and hardships I was completely emotionally unprepared for, I felt defeated and utterly depressed. I felt all hope was lost for myself as a creative individual who wanted to share and connect with people on a deeper level.

What now? Who I am? What does it all mean?

I'm over thirty years old now..doesn't that mean I should have my entire life figured out?

Listening to Marc Maron's WTF Podcast became a daily motivator for me at this time and ultimately changed my life. I felt so inspired by someone overcoming their own deeply personal and tragic misfortunes publicly by using their past trials and tribulations to connect to others that a light bulb suddenly went off in my head. I knew that I had to start living my life right now and not later, even if it wasn't exactly what I had planned on doing my whole life...I wanted help others find themselves and follow their own dreams through personal connection.

I wanted to be a podcaster. 

Opening the door to a new dream of my own, I learned about the gear and purchased recording equipment. I started interviewing. I went for IT. I began to resonate with others on a deeper, more personal level in a much more sensitive and nurturing way then I had ever imagined possible and now here I am. Giving podcasting a go. Living my own 'Right Now Not Later' dream out to the best of my abilities.

I truly hope to connect to each and every one of my listeners in a meaningful and fulfilling way through my conversations with my guests to personal monologues and so much more, I hope that my guests stories and experiences open doors to your third eye that you may not have ever thought possible.

Thanks for listening and all the very, very best in pursuing All those lovely dreams of yours ***

- Ali*

One of the ways to reincarnate is to tell your story.
— Spaulding Gray